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Breaking Laws: A Police and Thieves Chase Street Race Pro HD - Free Pixel Car Racing Game

4.0 ( 4960 ratings )
体育 游戏 레이싱 음악
开发 Planet Creation

The chase is ready for you but are you ready for the chase?

Join the manic world as you drive to survive - in Breaking Laws Pro.

You are one of the law breakers in this corrupt city, being chased by Police - and your only option is to escape the law or the obliterate them.

You hit the road at full speed, you race through the cramped streets and slide through the various lanes. That’s when you spot the Highway Patrol cars and helicopters up ahead ready to stop you. Now it’s up to you to bounce over or shoot them down before you get arrested.

Breaking Laws Pro is an endless, 2D game where you must avoid the police and road blocks as you collect the precious coins that can be exchanged for upgrades.

Start play with a basic car and work your way the ranks of law breaker to a beast monster truck that is equipped with weapons to shoot down the Police’s cars and helicopters. Avoid everything in your way as you buzz on the road at top speed.

Race down the busy highway in a race of skill! The speeds that you are reaching are unbelievable, the Police are not happy!

Breaking Laws Pro is a game that the whole family can enjoy, young and old. Outlaw Mode can be unlocked so that you don’t die - because who really wants the "hero" to die? Breaking Laws Pro is a great game to play whenever and wherever you are - and you can pause the chase at any moment to resume later.

In Breaking Laws Pro, you don’t need a drivers license to shoot, zoom and destroy! Can you avoid being caught?

• Shoot the cop’s cars, choppers and road blocks !
• Unlock the car of your choice
• Addictive, face-paced and fun gameplay
• Outlaw Mode (unlimited life) for younger children or young at heart.
• Upgrade feature (remove advertisements)
• Suitable for the whole family